Why Bloopul’s Spotify Promotion Is So Effective

Our service is dedicated to helping artists grow. There are many talented artists who create outstanding music which don’t get seen because Spotify’s platform caters towards promoting musicians which are already popular. We understand this struggle and created Bloopul to allow your music to be heard by a new audience of listeners

High Follower Playlists

With Bloopul, your track can be placed inside playlists with up to 50,000 followers. This allows your music to gain streams and build your Spotify portfolio. If a listener enjoys your music, there is a good chance they will become a fan of yours, listening to new releases you upload and following you on social media.

Being in our playlists also gives your track a greater chance to appear in the Official Spotify Playlists. If more people are streaming your music with good retention rates, Spotify’s algorithm is more likely to add your track to their playlists, resulting in a greater amount of people listening to your music.

Genre-Specific Playlists

Genre-Specific Playlists means that your track will be placed inside a playlist similar to the sound or genre of your track. This is effective because you’re getting people listening to your music which are actually interested in that sound. It would be pointless to get added to a Rock Playlist when you’re a Hip-Hop artist because you would receive little engagement.

Genre-Specific playlists also means the followers which are listening to the playlists are streaming more music. This gives your track a greater chance of gaining high quality retention streams which is important for the Spotify algorithm.

High Quality Playlists Followers

The followers inside Bloopul’s playlists are active and engaging. They have been acquired over time from Influencer Marketing on social media platforms such as Instagram. A Hip-Hop playlist would of been promoted by an individual or page within the Hip-Hop industry. We take pride in this as this ensures you will receive high quality streams.