ScHoolboy Q Releases “Numb Numb Juice” Single

It has been a while since Schoolboy Q has released any music. The Top Dog Entertainment artist has just released a new single on all platforms entitled “Numb Numb Juice”. Schoolboy’s last studio album was back in 2016 with his Blank Face LP project. Plans for a follow-up album came to a pause as his close friend and collaborator Mac Miller died from a drug overdose.

In 2018 whilst Schoolboy Q was performing, he told the audience, “With my nigga gone right now, I just don’t feel right putting out an album. As y’all can tell, I’m not my real self right now. I shouldn’t even be here right now. But like I said, my nigga Mac would not want me to be in the house sad.

“I’m just not ready to walk into the radio station and the first thing they ask me is ‘So Mac Miller…’ I’m not ready to deal with those questions. I’m not ready to put nothing out right now. I’m sorry.”

However, recently (March 11), Q tweeted out new music was on it’s way with the tweet ” “2 more days…..finally,”

On March 14th, Q released his new new single “Numb Numb Juice” on all platforms.