Justin Bieber Gets His Eighth #1 Album on Billboard 200 Charts With New Album ‘Justice’

Justin Bieber accomplishes his eighth No. 1 collection on the Billboard 200 graph, as Justice debuts on the count with 154,000 comparable collection units acquired in the U.S. in the week finishing March 25, as indicated by MRC Data. The collection was delivered through Raymond Braun/Def Jam on March 18.

Equity stops the diagram besting mastery of Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous: The Double Album, which burned through 10 successive weeks straight, all from its introduction, at No. 1. It tumbles to No. 3 on the new diagram.

The Billboard 200 diagram positions the most mainstream collections of the week in the U.S. in light of multi-metric utilization as estimated in comparable collection units. Units contain collection deals, track identical collections (TEA) and streaming comparable collections (SEA). Every unit rises to one collection deal, or 10 individual tracks sold from a collection, or 3,750 promotion upheld or 1,250 paid/membership on-request official sound and video transfers produced by tunes from a collection. The new April 3, 2021-dated outline (where Justice opens at No. 1) will be posted in full on Billboard’s site on March 30.