How to Upload Your Own Music To Spotify

If you are an artist, you must be looking forward to upload your own music tracks to Spotify. It can increase your chances of getting more exposure to the content that you produce. Uploading music to Spotify is not a difficult thing to do. Here is a list of few effective methods that you can follow in order to upload your own music to Spotify.


RouteNote can be considered as a DSP, which can help you to upload your original music into Spotify without spending any money out of your pocket. Apart from Spotify, it can also help you to publish your content to 19 other platforms on the internet. However, you will be asked to pay 85% of the revenue that you get from your track to obtain the services of RouteNote. You can also pay an additional fee to get 100% of the royalties out of your music


TuneCore can be considered as another great option available for the individuals who want to upload their music tracks to Spotify without spending any money out of their pockets. You will be able to discover a variety of packages offered by TuneCore. It is up to you to go through these packages and select the best one out of them, which can cater your specific requirements. With all the packages, you will be able to keep 100% royalties of the music tracks that you upload. The reporting functionalities offered to you by TuneCore are impressive and you can get a quick view on how many sales were made during the month.


LANDR is a multi-purpose platform and you will be able to get it along with Spotify. In addition to that, LANDR can also provide you with a mastering service. Therefore, you will be able to receive an excellent assistance with distributing your music tracks. You will be able to subscribe to LANDR at a monthly fee and then get the services they offer to upload your music into Spotify.

Uploading Music Frequently

We highly recommend uploading music as often as possible. If you’re consistent with your uploads, Spotify users will be more likely to follow your profile as they know you’re going to be active and uploading music on a regular basis, keeping them interested in your brand.


AWAL means Artists without a Label. As you can see, it is a platform that can provide a great help for the independent artists like you to upload the tracks into Spotify and boost the sales volume. When you get the service of AWAL, you will not be asked to pass down the rights of your music track to them. You will not just be restricted to Spotify and you will be able to use AWAL to distribute music tracks among a variety of other platforms as well.

Promoting your Music

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