How to Grow Your Spotify Following Effectively

There are many ways to promote your Spotify. In today’s world, uploading a track without a promotion is simply not enough to gain attraction. This article will give you the best and most important ways you can use to promote your Spotify.

Social Media

This is crucial to gaining an audience and getting more streams on your tracks. There are many different social media platforms you can use to help you grow. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud Twitter and Snapchat are what we recommend you use to promote your music. Soundcloud is highly important as this will allow you to attract a wider audience of people. If someone enjoys your track on Soundcloud, they’re likely to also listen to it on Spotify.


Collaborating with other artists is a great way to promote your Spotify tracks. Reaching out and networking with other musicians allows your music to be heard by their fan base. Doing a feature with another artist will also tags your Spotify profile on the track url which makes it easier for people to find and get to your music.

Spotify Playlist Placement

If you’re interested in placing your track in a similar sounding genre playlist and reach targeted listeners, we offer Spotify Playlist Placement. This is a great way to promote your tracks organically and reach people interested in a specific genre of sound. If a listener enjoys your track, you could potentially create a new fan which will continue to stream any upcoming music you might upload.

Uploading Music Frequently

We highly recommend uploading music as often as possible. If you’re consistent with your uploads, Spotify users will be more likely to follow your profile as they know you’re going to be active and uploading music on a regular basis, keeping them interested in your brand.

Creating Public Playlists

Creating Playlist’s for people to follow are a great way to promote your music. Add tracks which are currently trending in the Billboard charts and then scatter you own tracks within the playlist to gain Spotify Streams. You can grow your playlist by social media and word of mouth.