Benefits Of Having Spotify Premium

Spotify offers two versions to choose from on there platform, free and premium. Having premium has many benefits which the free version simply doesn’t have. Here is a list of the greatest features you get when upgrading from free to Spotify Premium.

No more Ads!

The best advantage of having Spotify Premium, in my opinion, is no more annoying ads interrupting your listening experience. It can get frustrating listening to an album and then an ad about something you could care less about enters your ears. Getting Premium will make sure this annoyance doesn’t occur and will give you a better experience on the platform.

Better Audio Quality

Spotify uses three different quality settings for streaming. If you’re using the free version of Spotify the quality is capped to 96kbps for mobile and 160kbps on deskttop.

However, if you decide to get Spotify Premium the audio quality you receive is a lot better! You will get 320kbps on both desktop and mobile. This quality of audio is seen as ‘high quality’ on desktop and ‘extreme quality’ on mobile, giving the best listening experience possible.

Should You Upgrade?

You may be thinking, Is it worth upgrading to Spotify Premium? If you’re sick and tired of having ads pop up while listening to music or you’re a music enthusiast and want to stream your favourite songs at the highest quality, then it’s definitely worth upgrading for only $9.99 per month. However, if you don’t have the money to spend, you can still have a fantastic listening experience with the free version of Spotify as it has many of the features from Premium as well.